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The Land of The Confused



'The Land of The Confused' can be seen as a nomadic land wherein all residing things are in a constant state of confusion and all is fluid. The land is inhabited and shaped by a temporary collective of artists and non-artists, inviting them to find a balance between individuality and collectivity.

The flag represents a person who is carried away in a whirlpool. The vortex can be seen as the world and the infinite possibilities and beauty that reveal itself to those who manage to relate to it with open eyes and mind.


I see the artist as a precursor to humanity and our potential on earth. The invited artists are therefore sensitive people who resemble this ideal in some way.

2021 - Notes of A Witness - Komplot Brussels

- a one-day manifestation in public space. The artists are invited to develop a new specific work, several (off-)spaces in the neighborhood are activated and a children program is developed.

with:Chloé Arrouy, Elen Braga, Michiel Ceulers, Pommelien Koolen, Bert Jacobs, Flor Maesen, Paepens & Persyn

2021 - Cascade - Offthegrid / Cas-co 

- a transforming exhibition with all residents (17) of 'The Land' over 3 months

with:Bert Jacobs, Paepens&Persyn, Chloe Arrouy, Pommelien Koolen, Elen Braga, Sadrie Alves, Flor Maesen, Michiel Ceulers, Stefania Assandri, Martha T’Hooft, Micha Goldberg, Simon masschelein, Rebecca Fertinel, Fran Van Coppenolle, Lennert De Lathauwer, Katinka De Jonge 

2021 - International Design Week

- 3 duo's hosting an intense week with designstudents, partly online and partly offline on the site of Luchtbal, Antwerp

with:Sadrie Alves x Stan D'Haene, Benedicte Beldam x Flor Maesen, Martha T'Hooft x Micha Goldberg

2020 - Mini Festival - Komplot Brussels

- a mini-festival over long duration with residencies, workshops and collaborations

with: Sadrie Alves, Stefania Assandri, Benedicte Beldam, Michiel Ceulers, Renata Lamenza, Flor Maesen, Martha T'Hooft, Stan D'Haene, Rebecca Fertinel, Micha Goldberg, Lennert de Lathauwer, Simon Masschelein

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