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Guidance sessions



In my artistic research on consciousness practices, I came to the follow conclusion: Today everything is available to leave behind the limitations and trauma's of past generations, and to become truly free. 

I serve as a mirror and guide for friends and family, and have room for a few others as well. 


If you want to 

- find confidence and trust in yourself and the world

- step out of our suffocating rationalist and positivist culture

- learn what it means and how it feels to 'resonate with the world'

- start your journey of becoming conscious

- learn how to quiet the mind and become embodied

- live life like an artist and conscious creator 

send me a message

for one year you entrust yourself to me, meet me irregularly, and jumpstart your process of conscious becoming, leaving behind all limiting beliefs and constraints in life


I will be with you, question you, learn you different techniques and ways of seeing, and most of all, feel together with you which workshops/paths are the right ones for your specific journey 

I'm still young and relatively unexperienced, but I want to grow through doing in this work.



Bodywork sessions



Our bodies tell a lot about who we are and how we live our lives. Together we go on a journey of 45 minutes to find out where your blockages are and to bring temporary relieve. 

Most people today live solely in their heads and look at their body from a top down perspective. Instead of being in the body, or living day to day with the body, we neglect it's signals and often suffocate it. 

Here too I'm an apprentice, but knowing the value of this embodied caring work for the people around me, I want to grow in it a lot in the coming years. 

As such I only ask for a limited contribution of 20 euro for now.

send me a mail or text if you would like to come by and I'll gladly receive you.



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