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EARTH II, The Violent Spring 

EARTH is a comic series made by Flor Maesen and gives insight into the images and stories that inspired Maesen in his artistic development. These influences are the starting point for a comic strip in which a protagonist explores a landscape assembled from collages of recent events, historical images and sculptures.

Part 2: The Violent Spring tells the story of a man who decides to venture to the edge of the known. At a certain point, he finds himself in the middle of a mystical forest, where thought seems to reach its confines. At the point he is exhausted and in desperate need of refreshment, the wanderer encounters a seductive spring.

Editions Menard N°21
2021, edition of 100
290 x 205 mm, 48 pages
Design by Mona Schrevens

text from the website of Editions Menard

You can buy the publication here.

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