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Flor Maesen 


Contact for information, (dream)workshops or connection.

Note 7/03/2023

Process with BARRA will end with public happening 21-22-23 April. 

Second opening of exhibition in Kleine Godaard 5 Antwerp is happening first of April. 

Zonnestaat / Sun State Network will have. a small but beautiful program this summer. Wesbite online soon. 

Note 6/11/22


- BARЯA MOVEMENT is now in residence in Jubelpark, Brussels.

More info & website soon. 

- It is time for our society to truly devote to developing the internal life. A new institute is born; The Belgian Institute of Dreams, Imagination and Intuition.

- My organization, life work, 'Zonnestaat/Sun State Network' will open up/come to life this summer.  Laurence Petrone is honorable citizen.


- I will start to give dreaming workshops/ droom workshops. Contact for more information.


THE BARЯA MOVEMENT (ft. Els Dietvorst) with 'This is what you came for' is still open until September. More info:


Earth II - The Violent Spring is out now.

Send an e-mail to acquire a copy. 


I am currently working on 'This is what you came for' with Els Dietvorst (see 'The other and I'), opening on 27th of April




Upon returning from my journey to The Unconscious LandscapeI drew a line marking the end of a cycle of creation. (01/09/2021)

With this new beginning, I aim 

- to acquire a sharp vision of the human potential,

- to formulate an answer to the question: "What is the relevance of 'The extended concept of art' today?

- to live said answer and become a worthy teacher 

- to become a lifelong active student  

- to search for freedom and truth 

- to live radically, unapologetically and kind 

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