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Inside Conversations -

Inside Conversations (2018) depicts the downfall of the self-suck-ing man. Crashed into the earth, his body is broken and scattered into pieces. His intestines are bulking out of the gaping holes in his cracked skin. His insides exposed for the world to see.
I wondered: If this man represents mankind’s collective insanity, what do his insides say?


By tweaking and interpreting parts of the novel ‘Our Lady Of the Flowers’ by Jean Genet, a poetic script of short sentences was formed and molded into a soundscape. Two fragmented female voices float around and describe the man and their (past) relationship to him during what could be a break up, a break through, a break out or a break in.

A large painting depicting a fallen figure was made on the windows and a video explored the intestines of the 3D model in a rapid pace.This small show was my first attempt in integrating other people’s skills and work in the context of my work.

As a result it became a collaboration with Teodora Cozma (painting), Liene Aerts (who wrote a small text about the work, see 'info'), Fons Artois(video), Loeke Vanhouttegem(voice), Rachel Gruijaerts(voice) and Hans de wit (soundscape).

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