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Change starts within yourself. 

And then it can emanate to your close surroundings,

be it 'born' family or 'found' family.

After that, things can spread out and ripple into society.

That's how I see it.


The art of (family)life and living (together) is my most important and dear art form, that I hone and practice daily. 

Family formats is the name for the different steps I take to make tangible changes

in my family, by introducing aspects of artistic/spiritual/body ... practices,

that fill the void in our left brain / mind / materialistic / superficial culture

to create a more balanced, connected, trustworthy family dynamic that is 'futureproof' for a few decades of rapid changes in ecology, consciousness, social structures, global tendencies, ... 

Underneath a(n) (uncomplete) recount


Spending more time with my elderly grandparents and introducing slowly practices to keep body and mind balanced. We have the tendency in our society to just let people 'drift' to their deaths, while their are so many things we can do together with and for our family to make them more conscious and feel better. 




Sending out letters to close family members, highlighting their 'shadow' sides and giving suggestions on how tot transform these, using Jungian terminology and insights in the workings of the subconscious mind.


Proposing a collective voice exercise on family gathering as learned earlier during BARRA Movement project from Mira Verstraeten. Was very fun and broke the usual 'talking only' atmosphere


Morning yoga and massage session with elderly family members of family in law


Setting up Wim Hof Whatsapp group to help family member through depressive time

Did not work so well but was interesting to try. 



WhatsApp Image 2023-12-17 at 17_edited.jpg

Taking Ice bath together with grandmother for blood circulation

Same weekend introduced two chi cung movements for daily use: EARTH and METAL

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