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The personal interpretation of my favorite Tarot-card

The World" allowed me to unite symbolic and narrative elements of my work in one coherent work. With the help of artist/illustrator Sadrie Alves, we tried to work with the original style of the Rider-Waite edition.

Commissioned by Tarot Editions.


Possible meanings:

The World represents cosmic consciousness. It is a card of harmony and union. It represents the ultimate goal of being human to which the other cards lead all together. Man and the world become one so that only 'The World' remains.


A human body lies at rest in a natural landscape. The unconscious, sleeping or dead body is surrounded by plants and animals. In the center, a red river flows. It represents the origin, the physical body and the life juices. Lifeless figures with three limbs lie in a circle around a tree. 'The Tree of Flesh' represents the life cycle. The bodies decay and pass on their energy. The tree, like the river, symbolizes the endless cycle of violence in which human history is rooted. The blood nourishes the earth.

The sun is very present and takes on the role of natural deity. It is the source of all life on earth and thus a symbol of fertility and life force. Its power additionally poses a constant threat and reminds
man of his fragility and mortality. The straight and curly rays represent respectively male and female energy.


A tornado or whirlpool rises from the landscape. A human figure is swept into the vortex. The figure is nevertheless calm and stately. The whirlpool
symbolizes the world as it appears to those who know how to look at it with an open mind. It is the vortex of inspiration, insight, encounter and unity.


The baby, the bird and the gem are floating in the air. The bird and the gemstone symbolize a long transformation. They remind man of his own transformation into a unique and gifted being.
The childishness and the unprejudiced open eyes of the baby facilitate a glimpse of insight towards human potential.

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