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The Harvest (2019)

‘The Harvest’ is a virtual video wherein an enormous statue of a golden boy tumbles and falls. The boy is peacefully sucking his own cock with his eyes closed and arms theatrically spread out.

The camera explores his body and skin in such close proximity that for a big part of the video it’s hard to tell for a viewer what exactly he or she is looking at. The video has no beginning or ending and is shown in a bigger than life size projection.

He is a personification of and/or a symbol for the human Ego. A shiny seductive mirror.
A man-made God. Originated out of the repeating cycle of conflict throughout the history of mankind. Self-identification 
and individualism brought to its extremes. An endless orgasmic explosion.


At the same time it depicts one of the last taboos; the lonely man satisfying his bodily needs with whatever means are avail-

produced with Haryo Sukmawanto



While diving head deep into the origins of conflict, I came face to face with the human Ego. I tried to symbolise this Ego in all its aspects. It was then that the self-sucking man came into the world. One sublime second of action  was captured and brought to live in a variety of forms.

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