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Sculpture of the Self-sucking Man (2019)


Since the conception of ‘the self-sucking man’ it was intended to give him a physical form as well. He was 3D printed life-size in 16 pieces and later glued together. In the process of gluing the pieces, in preparation of an exhibition, I decided to ‘freeze’ the workshop and present the unfinished work with its surroundings.

My parents own a greenhouse and grow plants for a living. In the middle of this place suddenly appeared a slightly absurd workshop consisting of a mix of plastic body-parts, old rusty tools, glue, paper and my father and cousin wrestling to fix the body parts in the right position. Touched by this mix of elements and people and not wanting to ignore the beauty of it, I decided that this would be the first way to show the sculpture. During the exhibition the sculpture was finalised.


Later on I intend to create an installation, cult and/or performance around the sculpture and spread the figure around the world.

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