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I work for and/or with others, in different constellations. Their work is my work, their passion is my passion. By observing and dialoguing with artists, I study reality. 

- With The Land of The Confused, I try to create time and space for a group of people to develop their work and world-view, while also working closely with or besides each other in a specific context. 

I am a close accomplice of Els Dietvorst, functioning as right hand for bigger projects, such as 'Dooltocht I A desperate Quest for Hope' at M HKA and 'This is what you came for' at Bozar and De Centrale. 

- This has recently taken the form of BARЯA MOVEMENT, a group of people working with Els and each other. The future will proof if there is a life for this constellation.

I make video's and pictures of -and for people.  I help in revealing their work and life to the world.  I write for and about artists. I take time to look at and think about what they do.

What are all these roles?

Being an artist is a total commitment that cannot be replaced with other, more specific terms. It is a daily search for freedom and a way of relating to life, to others and to society.


All forms, crafts and roles involved in this search are part of this commitment. Be it teaching, curating, travelling, painting, photographing or writing a text.  


Sometimes I do applied work.

For example:

Whispering sons

- Image

- On Image: A live session

(H)art magazine 

- Yannick Ganseman

- Els Dietvorst 

- Gauthier Oushoorn

Covers Knack 

- images 

- article 

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