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I am happy to be part of the ever becoming Movement BARЯA.


Until today I took part in every residency or project and carry the responsibility to coordinate the activities and the underlying non-profit. 

Through collective artistic practice, we work from necessity and aid in the transformation/regeneration of places and people. Nature, soul, Imagination, connection, ... are all keywords of our work.

It remains hard to define our work, and that is unavoidable; each time we group and get to work, we have to redefine ourselves. 

To get a clearer idea of what we do and if your place, community or institution can host our next Movement, browse through the website and social media, or contact me, Els Dietvorst, Sadrie Alves, ... directly. 

BARЯA Movement



A picture of me during the exposition ' This is What You Came For' out of which BARЯA originated.  Here I took on the role of coordinator, but at the same time made my first steps as a performer. During the opening and at certain times afterwards, I worked with these stones publicly; admiring, observing, contemplating, structuring them very slowly in the circle of light.


A screenshot of a video that depicts every BARЯA  member holding a burning beeswax tree, shot as part of ' This is What You Came For' .

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